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1. When Big Data Speaks Business: The Role of KPIs

How can the big data disrupting established industries and corporate giants be repurposed to disrupt leadership and management practices tasked with steering the ship through unchartered or turbulent waters? This podcast explores the topic When Big Data Speaks Business: how KPIs are operationalized to inform decision-makers with the insights they need to be truly data-driven too. Read the original article here.

2. Extreme Value in Analytics: Measuring the Customer Experience

Looking at more than just financial statements and quarterly earnings reports, Rob Markey suggests a model where the customer is valued as a company’s key asset. How is this reflected in the financial reports? It really isn’t. But if we shift our paradigms and governance of companies toward a truly client-centric model, then analytics are tasked with new demands and even greater opportunities! This is a fun chat that quotes some hilarious Dilbert comics and gets into some cool ideas!  Read the original article here.

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