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The world of data-driven decision-making is moving fast.
Future-proof your career and implement the skills, tools and technologies needed to analyze and interpret data to solve business problems. Modern platforms democratize data analytics and empower users to develop a deep and broad view of the business quickly. Get onboard.
Calibrate your skills for an era of digital transformation.
Big data trends in fast analytics, business intelligence, machine learning, open source technologies, data warehousing, and scalable cloud systems are improving and innovating the way we architect solutions, discover insights, and design products.
From infrastructure to insights.
Recognize how data science moves from ad hoc data analysis to reproducible long-term research and deployment of statistical models into production at scale. Collaboration between data scientists, engineers, designers and product managers is on the rise, moving from traditional software systems to learning systems that adapt automatically to change and newly ingested data.

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A case study on graphing database architecture and data discovery optimization with Lyft and Neo4j

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About The Founder

Pamela Kinga Gill created The Big Data Life as a community to share and collaborate on best practices in skills-building and data-driven architecture in an era of digital transformation.  She is passionate about the rapidly evolving world of innovative technologies and the role we play as consumers and professionals.

Pamela currently works as Manager of Digital Insights at Scotiabank’s Digital Factory – a fintech startup at the Bank of Nova Scotia located in the tech hub of Toronto, Canada. Her work as an analytics guru helps to lead the charge in embedding a data-driven approach into everything the company builds for its customers.